It's a Group Of New Engineers

What We Are

LogicUp Solutions is a fast growing, complete information technology services and solutions provider working with many leading multinationals and native companies. LogicUp Solutions always tries to deliver highly reliable,responsive ,effective and innovative solutions. LogicUp Solutions also tries to provide a meaningful services, which are highly client’s trouble solution oriented that helps clients in many ways to embed different types of IT services into their business.

We utilize our knowledge in producing healthy Applications ,their Management, maintainance,Module wise independent Testing ,Group Module testing,Full System Testing, Enterprise Software Solutions, Product Engineering Services, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Applications, Mobile and Wireless Applications, Infrastructure Management as well as Professional Services.

In LogicUp Solutions we always try to extends our ability to create a highly cooperative,comprehensive and customized approach to all clients, by establishing Alliances and Partnerships with leading technology firms and solution providers. These convention offer our clients the flexibility of building optimal engagement structures. LogicUp Solutions always tries to maintain relationship with all customers by healthy conversation and sophisticated behaviour and by providing reliable services.